Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

How Auto Insurance Protects You

In case you have an crash, automobile insurance will help protect you against monetary loss. Quite simply, it's a contract between you and the insurance provider. You agree to pay a premium and the insurance carrier agrees to cover your losses, because of an crash, as described in your policy.

The Key sections of an Car Insurance policy

Property Damage Liability

To damage the policyholder caused to someone else's land.


For damage to the policyholder's car from an accident. The collision may be with a different vehicle, a weapon, a light pole, a wall, etc.


For damage to the policyholder's car that does not require a collision.

Auto Insurance Checklist

Before you buy a car, compare insurance prices

1.The vehicle's sticker price 2.The expense to fix it and its overall safety record 3.The likelihood of theft.

Ask a greater deductible

The deductible is the amount you pay off before your insurance policy kicks. If something happens to a car you will need to gain access to money to cover the amount of the deductible

Request a low-mileage discount

If you drive less than a number of miles each year, inquire if your insurance provider will offer you a discount.

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